Elsewhere: Tears of Eden/Uncertain Podcast

My friend and former colleague, Katherine Spearing, is a seminary graduate with experience in ministry and churches in the U.S. and Central America. She invited me to speak on her podcast, “Uncertain,” about spiritual and sexual abuse in the church.

Good, evil, cognitive dissonance, and navigating a relationship with the institution of church, when it’s been a source of abuse.

Click here to visit the episode web page to learn more about resources mentioned in the podcast.

We’re talking about the messier subjects related to the church. For this episode’s topic, When Bad People do Good Things, I’m speaking with Keanu Heydari, PHD candidate at the University of Michigan.

We’ll be discussing the bewilderment and hurt that occurs when someone who is well-know, respected, and loved, turns out to be the author of horrendous abuse. We’ll use the case of a spiritual leader who developed and led a renowned ministry caring for adults with mental disabilities, only for it to be discovered after his death, that he’d sexually abused many women.

We’ll also discuss good, evil, cognitive dissonance, and how to navigate a relationship with the institution of church, when it’s been a source of abuse.

If you’ve experienced harm at the hands of organized church, I believe you’ll be inspired and empowered by this episode.

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