Towards a Thanatocene Spirituality

“In fact, while the climate of widespread moral uncertainty can in some way be explained by the multiplicity and gravity of today's social problems, and these can sometimes mitigate the subjective responsibility of individuals, it is no less true that we are confronted by an even larger reality, which can be described as a veritable … Continue reading Towards a Thanatocene Spirituality

Sermon: A Dawning from on High Has Visited Us

I delivered my second sermon at RUF UCLA, once again at the kind invitation of Rev. Matthew Trexler. Inspired by the verses containing the closing words of Zechariah's Benedictus, I delivered a Christmas homily from the apocalyptic (revelatory) and cosmic perspective of the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death and how this victory … Continue reading Sermon: A Dawning from on High Has Visited Us

Healing and the Promise: Chapters I-III

Originally published in two installments in 2016. This is an edited and collected version including a final chapter written in mid-2017. Chapter One (June 2016) In the first volume of Marcel Proust’s, In Search of Lost Time, one of the characters introduced is the up-and-coming socialite, M. Swann. He often visited the Proust’s country home in … Continue reading Healing and the Promise: Chapters I-III