Sermon: Outside the Party?

A very important note about sources: Several structures, themes, and ideas of this message, especially some text enclosed in quotation marks, has been lifted from the course, available on the udemy platform, entitled, “Paul and His Letter to the Ephesians,” the copyright for which belongs to N.T. Wright Online, 2016. Also see the relevant sections … Continue reading Sermon: Outside the Party?

Suffering and the Promise: Chapters I-III

Originally published in three installments in late 2015 and early 2016. This is an edited and collected version. Chapter One The way of the Son of God into the far country is the way of obedience. This is…the first and inner moment of the mystery of the deity of Christ. – Karl Barth In October … Continue reading Suffering and the Promise: Chapters I-III

The Language of Advent

In blistering poverty, in the agony of childbirth, in the shadow of the doubt of men, in the brokenness of the cosmos, did Mary give birth to the Son of God. The deepest darkness that was caught under the spell of the heaviest curse found itself whispered into by the smallest of lights. John came … Continue reading The Language of Advent