What’s going on?

I have always said that Los Angeles wasn't the city for me—that doing life in L.A. would be a catastrophic mistake. To live the remainder of my life in L.A. would mean (in the words of Racine's Le songe d'Athalie), C'était pendant l'horreur d'une profonde nuit. "It was during the horror of a profound night," or so I … Continue reading What’s going on?

Healing and the Promise: Chapters I-III

Originally published in two installments in 2016. This is an edited and collected version including a final chapter written in mid-2017. Chapter One (June 2016) In the first volume of Marcel Proust’s, In Search of Lost Time, one of the characters introduced is the up-and-coming socialite, M. Swann. He often visited the Proust’s country home in … Continue reading Healing and the Promise: Chapters I-III

Saved to be Fully Human: The Joyful Fellowship of Jesus

What does it mean to be saved? It is a tautology to state that salvation implies being fully human. To be fully human means, precisely, that one is saved, and to be saved is to be caught up in the always forever embrace of God the Father, all the while moving deeper into the heart … Continue reading Saved to be Fully Human: The Joyful Fellowship of Jesus

The Language of Advent

In blistering poverty, in the agony of childbirth, in the shadow of the doubt of men, in the brokenness of the cosmos, did Mary give birth to the Son of God. The deepest darkness that was caught under the spell of the heaviest curse found itself whispered into by the smallest of lights. John came … Continue reading The Language of Advent